All of our signature raspberries are hand picked with great care. Arjuna strives on proper shipping and handling of the raspberries so the end result can be the perfect tasting berry. Arjuna is open to pack our berries in whatever requirements our customers need. Currently these are our packs: 
Fresh Raspberries available In:

  • 6x12oz (clamshells)
  • 12x6oz (clamshells)
  • 6x1/2 pints (fibre)
  • 12x1 pints (foam or bio pack)

Mid June to Mid August
Nutritional Value:
per 100g serving
7.3 dietary fibre
35% Vitamin C
30 Calories
16% Folacin
5% Iron
Sodium Free fat free
Care and Handling:
Refrigerate immediately at 32F/0C
Use berries shortly after receiving shelf life 2-3 days
Do not wash berries before storing

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