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Fruit Stand Hours:
Monday - Sunday 10am - 6pm
32320 Huntingdon Rd

Abbotsford BC


Our Food Safety Program

Food safety is one of our highest priorities at Arjuna Berry Farms. We are fully committed in keeping up with quality control and adapting to different innovations to keep our food safety highest. standards


All of our berries are assigned tracking codes for traceability.  This tracking number follows the product through all the steps in the processing procedure generating the lot code and can be traced back from the retailer,wholesaler or farmers market.


Good Agriculture Practices Canada GAP is a program developed in Canada to promote GAP's for fruit industry.


Arjuna Berry Farms conducts independent third party auditors to verify that GAPs are being followed on every farm and facility. Audits are performed by certified, independent third-party agencies to ensure adherence to Good Agricultural Practices and good Manufacturing Practices for food safety set by the standards in Canada.


Arjuna Berry Farms adheres to local and federal laws applicable to the growing region as well as country specific import and export regulations for the use of pesticides.


Most water used for irrigation is sourced from deep wells or municipal sources. Microbial levels in irrigation water are monitored at every farm and facility level to ensure that the water quality is suitable for its intended use.


Arjuna Berry Farms is fully committed to food safety programs and will follow all guidelines set out by certification bodies. Arjuna Berry Farms has a HACCP training plan in place in conducts mock recalls a minimum once a year.

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